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Natural Gas Marketing & Logistics

From Wellhead to Burner Tip

Summit Energy handles natural gas from the wellhead to the burner tip. We play an important role in the Mountain West’s natural gas supply chain by providing a conduit to market for producers and delivering a dependable supply to large-volume end users.

Market risk is undeniable in the energy business. While Summit Energy cannot eliminate risk, we can help you manage it. Summit Energy’s team of experienced professionals has a broad view of natural gas market conditions and provides customers with cost-effective solutions that reduce financial risk and deliver fast, reliable energy supplies.
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Natural Gas Sales

Summit Energy sells wellhead natural gas to end users throughout the Western United States. Our markets include commercial, industrial and residential end users, municipalities, utilities, and wholesale markets. Our focus is on providing end-users with a dependable energy supply at a competitive price. Contact us to inquire about our competitive rates.

Summit Energy simplifies the complicated world of natural gas supply by providing detailed cost analysis to our customers. We provide the important facts and knowledge that allow our customers to make the most informed decisions when managing their energy needs. Regardless of the size of your enterprise, our goal is to help save you money in today’s ever changing energy marketplace.

We realize your busy schedule doesn’t always allow you to track changes in the natural gas industry that can affect your bottom line. We provide customers with custom cost analysis on an annual, quarterly, and even monthly basis, to show how their natural gas costs are trending. The upstream relationships we have built with suppliers allows us to not only meet your current energy needs, but provide confidence that a reliable process will always be in place to handle the changing needs of your business.

In addition to natural gas sales, we also offer Asset Management and Risk Management services to help consumers take greater control of their energy costs. We are always here to share our knowledge and answer any questions. Our dedicated professional team is always available to our customers.

Producer Solutions

Our goal is to achieve the best possible net price for you. Summit Energy has a long history of proving producers with creative solutions to get their gas to market. We provide detailed analytics for choosing the most suitable gather system agreements and timelines to maximize your profitability.

Summit Energy’s core business is marketing for producers in the Rocky Mountains, the San Juan Basin, and Mid-Continent markets. Our focus is adding value to producer relationships. We accomplish this through transparency and pricing integrity, responsive customer service, and special services such as financing, accounting, reporting, and risk management. We believe our core strengths set us apart from other independent energy marketing organizations.

Contact us to arrange a personalized presentation covering the following aspects:

  • Back Office Solutions (Accounting, Governmental Reporting, Joint Interest Billing etc.)
  • Volume management and gathering agreements
  • Risk Management Services, Hedges, Basis, No Cost Collars, etc
  • Financing and Joint Venture Opportunities
  • Oil & Gas Property Acquisition and Disposition

Asset Management

Contracting for annual pipeline or storage capacity necessary to provide firm service for a peak day or variable need typically results in underutilized assets for significant periods of time. Utilizing assets during dormant times can create value and effectively lower overall costs. From wellhead to burner tip, Summit Energy can help its clients navigate complex natural gas markets.

Summit Energy’s asset managers have the market knowledge and expertise to help you maximize the value of your assets and provide the security and flexibility to meet your operational needs. In short, we make our clients’ natural gas, pipeline and storage assets work harder.

Every Summit Energy customer has its own unique set of operational needs and assets which demand strategies to optimize their specific assets.

We offer strategies to:

  • Manage inventory and peaking services with reasonable terms
  • Arbitrage, hedging, options, futures contracts and alternative fuel strategies to maximize assets and minimize risks
  • Streamline administrative costs associated with managing the assets
  • Tailored bundled services that enhance the flexibility of your assets
  • Create synergies and economies of scale with other assets and markets to generate and optimize value for underutilized natural gas asset

Risk Management

Summit Energy applies risk management strategies to help companies minimize exposure to price volatility while assuring their supply needs are met. We can customize a risk management plan that addresses customer’s unique and specific needs and allows flexibility.

An effective risk management plan will likely use a combination of the following tools:

  • Fixed Price Hedging
  • Price Caps
  • Price Floors
  • Collars
  • Monthly or Daily Floating Prices
Summit Energy can tailor a risk management plan to mitigate your company’s price risk while maintaining supply reliability.

Trading and Optimization

Everyday, Summit Energy is in the market of buying and selling natural gas to provide our customers with accurate, reliable pricing and timely order execution. Our trading group is comprised of skilled wholesale natural gas traders and schedulers with expertise in hedging, storage, gathering agreements and asset optimization.

Our trading and optimization strategies reduce overall costs, provide more competitive pricing and secure reliable service to customers.

Key features of Summit Energy’s trading and optimization services:

  • Conduct business throughout the western United States
  • Average daily sales of 37,000,000 dth
  • Specialize in intraday and after-hour gas supply needs
  • Available weekends, evenings and holidays to handle variations
  • Transportation and storage arbitrage

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