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crude oil marketing and logistics

Pinnacle Energy Marketing (Pinnacle) handles crude oil logistics from the wellhead to the buyer. We play an important role in the Mountain West’s crude oil chain by providing a conduit to market for producers and delivering a dependable supply to refineries and gathering points. Whether buying or selling, our customers get the flexibility and pricing structure they need at a competitive price. Our reputation for integrity, honesty, hard work and loyalty has earned us the confidence of our customers as we serve their needs.

Pinnacle helps producers, refineries and gathering points meet their changing energy volume needs with an array of flexible services and a reputation for stability unmatched in the industry.

Producer Solutions

Our goal is to achieve the best possible net price for you. Pinnacle Energy Marketing has a long history of proving producers with creative solutions to get their crude oil to market. We provide detailed analytics for choosing the most suitable logistics agreements and timelines to maximize your profitability. Our focus is adding value to producer relationships. We accomplish this through transparency and honesty in pricing, responsive customer service, and special services such as financing, accounting, reporting, and risk management. We believe our core strengths set us apart from other independent energy marketing organizations. Pinnacle Energy Marketing serves crude oil producers with: Marketing and Distribution Transportation and Logistics Services Risk Management Trading & Optimization Strategies

Crude Oil Sales

Pinnacle Energy Marketing sells wellhead crude oil to refineries and gathering points throughout the Western United States. Our focus is on providing buyers with a dependable supply at a competitive price. Contact us to inquire about our competitive rates. We provide customers with cost analysis on an annual, quarterly, and even monthly basis, to show how crude oil prices are trending. The upstream relationships we have built with producers allows us to not only meet your current supply needs, but provide confidence that a reliable process will always be in place to handle the changing needs of your business. In addition to crude oil sales, we also offer Asset Management, Risk Management and Trading & Optimization strategies.Tab Content

Logistics & Transportation

Logistics aren’t just about travel routes and transportation options. It’s about taking your business to new places. Pinnacle Energy Marketing’s logistics services leverage the power of rail, truck and pipeline capacity to develop strategies that fit each of our customers’ specific needs. This lets producers focus on what they do best – produce energy. Our ability to deliver the right quantity and perfect quality of crude oil sets us apart in the energy production industry. Every agreement between producer and buyer carries its own unique set of logistical challenges. What makes Pinnacle truly exceptional at what we do is the way we cultivate partnerships throughout the supply chain that allows our customers to focus on their core business. This results in better markets for producers and timely deliveries for buyers.
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