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Hot Oiler Services

The primary function of a hot oiler is to pump fluids such as oil, water, chemicals and stimulants under high pressure and high heat for well servicing operations. This process cleans the wax paraffins and scaling from the well for continued production. Hot oilers are used during well servicing operations to pump oil down the tubing or casing to casing. Hot Oil Units offer a safe, cost effective, and environmentally friendly method of paraffin control for well bores, flow lines, and facility equipment.
IEC Services hot oiler unit can also be used for pressure testing to check the casing on injection wells or pressure up on wells to check proper down hole pump action.

Hot Oiler Applications

Integrated Water Management is fully dedicated to providing sound environmental solutions for a needed and necessary energy resource. We take great pride in our facility, our process, and capabilities we have to manage all the challenges that come with wastewater treatment and other services for the oil and energy industry.
IEC Services’ hot oiler unit is capable of delivering rates from 56 to 1,800 lpm, with a temperature range up to 100 degrees and pressure capabilities of up to 10,000psi. Our hot oil unit is equipped with industry recognized hydraulic platforms and safety control systems.