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Workover Rigs, Well Optimization

Peak Well Service provides workover and well servicing throughout Utah’s Uinta Basin. Our operations include a fleet of Workover Rigs, each with its own dedicated crew, for well optimization and repairs. Each rig is subjected to our rigorous safety inspections to insure our equipment handles the job safely and efficiently without issues.

We take pride in offering rigs and crews with proven track records. We also have a highly trained internal staff that is responsible for relaying direction to our field employees during critical moments on a job. Making sure that our equipment and operators are reactive to situations in the field will reduce the time and cost involved with repairing and optimizing wells.

Our company’s success today is a direct result to our well-maintained and efficient rigs and our highly-trained crews. Both the equipment and personnel commissioned over the years established the foundation that our company was built on. At Peak Well Service, our mission is to benefit our customer partners by providing them with well service that will lower their operating costs by providing them with the highest quality and most efficient service available. We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations for a well servicing contractor.

Problems at the well can mean lost profits. Peak Well Service knows that timing and turnaround are critical to every Workover operation. The efficiency of our crews and their knowledge of our equipment result in a positive impact of our workovers on your production

Plug & Abandonment (P&A) Services

The decision to plug and abandon (P&A) a well or field is invariably based on economics. Once production delivers less than the operating expenses, it is time to consider plug & abandonment. The purpose is to make sure that no fluids or gas leak into the environment and to mitigate the producer’s liability.

Peak Well Service’s plug and abandonment services typically employ the use of cast-iron bridge plugs and cement retainers to prevent future leaks and protect the producer from liability. This creates multiple seals to provide isolation to the surface and between zones within the well. Once the P&A work has been completed, the well site can be reclaimed and restored back to its original state. Restoring the site to appear as it did before the well was drilled is part of our commitment to environmentally sustainable operations and to relieving the producer of liability.

Peak's P&A Services

Dedicated Rigs & Crews
Peak Well Service has workover rigs and crews specifically trained and equipped for plugging and abandonment (P&A) services. Peak will cover everything from the well kill and planning, to labor to site reclamation and restoration.
We offer wireline services and a range of wireline tools for the specific needs of the job.
Peak Well Service operates its own cementing unit and usually cements with Portland cement, though hydraulic cementing may be used where necessary.
Peak offers a variety of plugs to best suit the P&A project. Our crews determine the best tools for the job and use high-grade products to properly complete the well plugging.
Our crews experience and knowledge help us determine what equipment is needed to extract your equipment reliably and efficiently.
In this industry you need more than a company to do business with, you need a partner. There is no room for error in this