Electripure delivers Power Quality.
Are you really getting what you're
paying for?


Commercial and industrial environments produce noise and harmonics that can cause 20-30% power loss. These losses cost companies thousands in excess power charges, penalties, maintenance costs and machinery replacement.

We Find Money

Electripure delivers patented, proven Power Quality solutions that save your company money and deliver on your Green objectives.

  • Save costs by reducing power consumption
  • Save costs through reduced equipment maintenance and downtime
  • Deliver on Green objectives
  • 24/7 data analytics and real-time monitoring

How much can Electripure
save your company?

Pictured is an Electripure unit on site.

How We Do It

Electripure’s patented industrial electrical equipment solution captures and negates harmful harmonics, delivering the benefits of improved Power Quality. Additionally, our patented real-time power quality monitoring solution delivers real-time data analytics that identify and proactively alert to any inefficiencies. Electripure’s customers save thousands of dollars on maintenance, downtime, capital outlays and monthly power bills.

Electripure increased this customer's power factor by almost 20%
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Icon for reduced monthly power bills
Reduced monthly power bills
Icon of decreased downtime on machinery
Decreased downtime on machinery
Icon for real time data analytics
Real-time data analytics with alerts
for ongoing mitigation
Icon for decreased electrical bandwidth
Increased electrical bandwidth - run more machinery on same power grid

Is Electripure right for your facility?

Read how Electripure achieved $90,000 in annual savings for a customer
Read the Case Study

Deliver on Green Initiatives

Achieve Green initiatives without large capital investments. Electripure is the purest form of Green – reduced energy consumption without replacing equipment or upgrading facilities. Your operation will require less electricity while maintaining output, and existing equipment will last longer. What could be Greener than that?

Find out how Electripure can deliver on your Green Initiatives.

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