Integrated monitored solutions

Advanced Technology at an Affordable Price

Whether you need to monitor a remote well site, construction site, operations facility, or view your project live from any location on earth, we’ve got the technology to put cameras where cameras have never gone before. We have engineered energy conserving solutions for remote setting utilizing the latest advancements in internet and satellite connectivity coupled with solar power, to provide ongoing live video streaming from locations that don’t have electricity or hard wired communication.

View 1267 - Solutions Designed for the E & P Industry

Monitoring a well site presents a unique set of problems. Remote locations and extreme environments have been barriers to monitoring in the past. View1267 from Integrated Monitored Solutions is packaged specifically to meet the demanding needs of this industry.

Tow up to three units at a time

Integrated Monitored Solutions’ tow configuration allows you to tow up to 3 units at once with a light-duty truck and a standard towing package.

Key System Features

Low Power Consumption
Our technology runs on less power than a single lightbulb
green power technology
Solar panels that can run on batter backup for ten days without a charge
High Resolution video
With night visions, full pan, tilt, 42x optical zoom functionality
unique connectivity technology
Wireless live video streaming from anywhere
optional online image archive
Easy online access to historical camera footage
streaming video
Access from any computer or smart phone without downloads
monitor live vehicle feeds
Monitor vehicles - even while in motion, includes GPS coordinates

Setup and Deployment

Setup time is just 15 minutes, so the trailer can be moved to keep up with the changing needs of your project. Watch one area today, move the camera to another tomorrow. This allows a new level of connectivity between field operations and management.

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